Top 10 NFL free agents at every position: Vontae Davis a great fit for Cincinnati


The past 30 days Cover32 has kept you busy with projected free agency moves and Top 10 breakdowns at every position. Tomorrow is set to be the day that teams start to come out of their pockets and make serious attempts at signing the players we have raved about for the past month. Here at Cover32 we have put together a recap of top 10 projections at every position. Click here to check it out.

Cincinnati Bengals

Cincinnati has been quiet thus far this off-season and if they plan to make an attempt at signing any of the available free agents, the time to start is now. Marvin Lewis and his staff are planning to use their first round draft pick to upgrade the front seven on defense. But one other area on the defense that could use an addition is the Cornerback position. The Bengals lack depth and consistency on the edge, and with Leon Hall battling injury once again, they must address this issue if they plan to make a playoff push into next season.

pac man jones

With that being said, Vontae Davis is a must-sign for the Cincinnati Bengals. With Dre Kirkpatrick and Adam “Pacman” Jones filling the corner spots in Leon Hall’s absence, the Bengals have two guys who are not great, but more than capable of getting the job done. Jones is a veteran for Cincinnati and has developed into a game-changer on the edge. Kirkpatrick on the other hand is a talented young defensive back, with the ability to make plays in the passing game and help with stopping the run. Bringing Davis on board would add an element the Bengals have been lacking in their DB rotation for some time. That element is a guy who is equipped with the ability to man one side of the field, and cover the opponents top receiver without needing help over the top.


The 25 year-old out of Illinois will be entering his sixth NFL season. Davis has posted an average of nearly 50 tackles, 10 pass deflections, and two interceptions per season. Vontae has also shown that no matter the team or the scheme, he is willing to adjust his game in order to perform at a high level. With five years under his belt, Davis brings that experience as well as his youth to Cincinnati’s defense. He would be the Bengals best cover corner, as well as their best secondary run stopper. Also we can not forget, Davis has yet to reach his full potential.


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