Will Rinehart re-signing with Bolts open door for Clary release?


Today, Tom Telesco re-signed one of the first players he added when he became general manager last season. Chad Rinehart will remain a San Diego Charger for the next two years after spending his first four seasons in Washington and Buffalo. The left guard started 10 games for the Chargers last year and played in 11 as he missed some time due to a foot injury. Bringing back Rinehart bolsters a much-improved offensive line, but leaves some question marks regarding the right guard position.

Jeromey Clary is set to make $4.5 million dollars in 2014 with a cap hit over $6 million. This is one of the biggest numbers on San Diego’s books for the upcoming season, and while Clary started 15 games in 2013 and is capable of playing multiple positions, the Bolts could gamble with youngster Johnnie Troutman. Troutman started 9 games in 2013 filling in for a bruised offensive line, and assuming the health of King Dunlap, Nick Hardwick, and D.J. Fluker, the Bolts have six capable lineman. With last week full of some tough cuts in San Diego, I don’t expect to see another player released, but Telesco could free up some more valuable cap space by releasing Clary. However, his versatility has proven invaluable, and releasing the 30-year-old veteran depletes the depth on the offensive line.

These decisions are why Telesco makes the big bucks. Potentially open up some cap space to sign a defense-changing corner, or maintain the depth created on a revamped offensive line while keeping talent on the sideline. The next few days should shed some light on Clary’s future.

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  • Arnie

    Holy cow! I found someone that makes sense. I don’t believe Telesco will cut Clary unless he has better options. The reality is, the Chargers needed bodies, an Clary stepped in and played well enough for them at RG an RT when needed.
    At the end of the day, they don’t need him to be an All-Pro, just stand there like dump truck and get in the way of the defense.