Donald Brown signing good insurance policy, but questionable use of resources


The Chargers gave Donald Brown a three year deal late Tuesday night as their first move of free agency, and while Brown provides a quality insurance policy for the oft-injured Ryan Mathews, allotting valuable funds to the running back position at this point is questionable. The pressing need for San Diego is at the corner position, and with guys like Aqib Talib and Vontae Davis getting $10 million/year, the Chargers need every bit of cap space available to them. Tom Telesco has been on the money as a GM thus far. If Mathews gets hurt in 2014, he will again look like a genius, but as for now, Chargers fans are scratching their heads a bit. The big contracts given to the top-tier free agent defensive backs leads me to believe Telesco thinks he can improve the secondary in the draft and adding quality, veteran free agents will be the best way to fill out the roster. Brown broke out in 2013 and will help keep Mathews rested for the playoff push. This move essentially ends Ronnie Brown’s tenure in San Diego. From here on out, I expect Telesco to focus on the defensive side of the ball.

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  • Jonathan Rose

    I was at the Chargers @ Broncos playoff game. The major difference between that game and the regular season Thursday Night Game was our ability to run the football. With a running game i.e Matthews playing, we controlled the game and allowed Rivers to continue long drives. Without Matthews, we had nothing. Woodhead is great but cannot be relied upon to run in between the tackles.

    I think it’s a very savy move. Offence is our strength. Why not make it stronger?