Green Bay Packer fans should be excited about the tackles in this year’s draft


A quick Google search about the 2014 NFL Draft and you will likely find one draft “expert” that will remark on how one player is “the best in decades” or how this class is “the deepest in years”. To any casual or reactionary fan this would be reason to celebrate. But as many of us who have followed the NFL Draft before know, even the “experts” can be wrong. If there is any reason to get excited about this years NFL Draft it is the group of offensive tackles. This group of OT’s features four players who are likely to be gone before the Packers pick.

So why should Packer fans care at all about the position of tackle? Because it is has evolved into the most important position in the NFL. In order to play tackle in today’s NFL you have to not only be able to handle to large responsibility, you have to be larger than life. Don’t believe me? Look at the numbers:


    Average Offensive Lineman Weight (lbs)

    Increase Since 1970















The average weight of the Packers offensive line in 2013 was 308 lbs. The weight of top rated tackle Greg Robinson: 332 lbs. Couple that with a 6ft 5 in frame and add a 4.91 40 time,devastating run blocking skill, and the ability to do a backflip and you get the best athlete in the draft. All apologies to Jadeveon Clowney and Johnny Manziel, but Greg Robison is just a meaner and nastier football player than them. And meaner and nastier always win in the NFL. So why should Packer fans care about the position of offensive tackle? Because chances are a good one will fall to one of Green Bay’s division foes and I may be no “expert” but I think Greg Robinson may present some difficulties for even the “mighty” Green Bay rushing defense.

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