Jairus Byrd signs 6 year $54 million deal with a team that has almost no cap space


That’s right Bills fans, your prized free safety left Buffalo to sign with the New Orleans Saints who gave him a 6 year deal worth $54 million with $28 million guaranteed. Its the kind of deal he was dreaming of when the Bills gave him the franchise tag and he so graciously held out the entire portion of training camp because, well you know, he’s a team player.

But don’t get mad fellow Bills fan,  you will see in a very short amount of time what a blessing in disguise this was. Byrd was not by any means the backbone of our defense, if anything he was preventing our team from being all about selfless action and sacrifice for our fellow brothers. If you thought Byrd’s holdout after being tagged (while having severe plantar facitius in both of his feet) was something, wait until you see the drama he causes in New Orleans after he isn’t performing on par with what the Saints are paying him.

You see once Saints fans realize that Byrd is not going to single handedly win them games and they still need other good players in order to do that, well that’s when you will see the return of the “Byrd flu”. Byrd’s agent has him far too convinced that he is worth anything less than gold, and that may actually be the sole reason he signed with the Saints as their primary team color is gold.

Its just a shame the Saints don’t have that much gold to spend, because now they have get rid of some serious talent in order to afford what they just signed on for. Word is they are looking to trade Sproles now, but that only frees up another 3.4 million on top of the $1.9 million they originally had in cap space before giving Byrd this contract.

The Saints cap space was actually a concern before they tagged Jimmy Graham, but now they gave a a monster contract to a free safety? This isn’t going to end well for them, but it just might be fun to watch from a Buffalo perspective. Here is a man that got franchise tagged last year and even though there was absolutely nothing he could do to change that, he still held out for the entire duration of training camp leaving his teammates deserted with absolutely no concern for them. Only to return and reveal a crippling injury in both of his feet and refusing to play for the first quarter of the season.  Good luck in New Orleans Byrd, I’m  personally glad to see you out of here.


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  • Nick Rothschild

    Why the bitterness? It’s like you root for a team that has been irrelevant for nearly a decade and a half. Oh wait…

  • Alex

    The saints do not need Byrd to “single handedley” win them games

  • mike

    Well said. I almost spit out my coffee over the gold saints jersey line.

    No buffalo fan wanted this bum around. That was apparent after the stunt he pulled last year.

    We are a new bills team and that toxic self centered give me more money or I don’t play attitude will not work here.

    That is not how true athletes conduct themselves.

  • Rushman

    Thanks for the Byrd Mr. Kriger. Yeah the Saints were strapped for cash. We cut five guys and freed up 19M and the league owners generosity with that extra boost in cap space we’re not in that bad of shape here in the Big Easy.
    If you want players that aren’t in it for the money good luck with that. Those days are gone.
    These players have to look out for their future. Their very next snap from scrimmage whether in practice or game situations may be their last play ever. It happens every year in preseason that some players have season ending injuries.
    The owners set the cap not the players. Your ire is misdirected toward the players.

  • Spencer Engel

    Your continued anger toward Jairus Byrd makes you seem more and more like Dan Gilbert right after LeBron James left. Not a good look.