Joique Bell gets what he was after


Reports have surfaced that the Detroit Lions and running back Joique Bell have come to terms on a three year,9.3 million dollar contract. 4.3 million dollars of that contract is guaranteed.

Bell and Reggie Bush were both effective in the Lions running game and perfectly complimented in each other dynamically. Both running backs are quality receivers out of the backfield as well.

There was no little to no doubt that Bell would not return to the Lions this year as a restricted free agent, but both he and general manager had expressed the desire to sign more than a one year contract. Three years shows some faith in Bell, and also guarantees the running back more money than signing the second round tender the Lions had offered. This seems like a win-win situation.

Many developments are happening quickly with the Detroit Lions and their free agent ambitions. Other players mentioned so far have been safety T.J. Ward and wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders. For up to the second ramblings and updates, follow me on twitter @cover32_DET.

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