Power Rankings: Cincinnati Bengals not an attractive free agent destination


Today, some NFL players will make life-altering decisions. They’ll determine where they want to spend the next few years of their life, perhaps choosing to uproot themselves and their families in the process. When they decide to sign on the dotted line as a free agent, they’ll be picking a career path that will have huge long term implications.

Take the right road and a player could become a legend. He might win a Super Bowl, earn millions in endorsements and find his way into the collective heart of his new city. Head down the wrong way, however, and he could send his career careening off course. He might get mired in a losing situation, become a cap casualty due to poor financial management by the front office and forever be labeled as a “bust” by a fan base that just wants to see a winner.

And it all hinges on make the right decision.

It’s an interesting situation, one where a lot of factors – money, organization, teammates, lifestyle, etc. – comes into play. And it’s far from an exact science.

To help clear up the muddy waters, the editors at cover32 ranked each NFL team based on how attractive they are as a free agent destination. To see how things shook out, click here.

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