San Francisco 49ers make arguably biggest splash on day one of free agency


No, the San Francisco 49ers didn’t acquire the most talent on day one of NFL free agency, but they might end up with the top headline.

Martin, of course, was involved in a brutal, national news leading bullying scandal in the Miami Dolphins locker room last season. He reunites with his former head coach at Stanford, Jim Harbaugh, in San Francisco.

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  • Marty

    If this is the 49ers big splash, big trouble around the corner.
    Your rock, the defense is breaking down big time. The defense, one of the best for the last three seasons could loose as many as four starters at the beginning of 2014.
    Your offense which consist of a kicker, has added to great players, Martin & Gabbert. With a QB( wanting 20 million a year) throwing just 8 TDs to his wide receivers in 16 games in 2013 (longest 20 yards) has led the offense to next to last in the NFL.
    Mind blowing, a running QB (Tebow) who HC will not let run. This QB has cannon for a arm, but his receivers run 5 flat 40’s & can not get open.
    With all this drama between the HC & the QB this off season 2014 might be a make or break year for the 49ers.

  • Scott

    We picked up Gabbert and Martin ??? We “replaced” Donte Whitner with Antoine Bethea??? I hope the draft is good to us cuz right now we’re in lots of trouble right now…
    Kaepernick is a GOOD QB but not worth $20 million…. we need better receivers and corners and maybe some help on the D-line ….just don’t see the logic in taking Martin or Gabbert at this point…what a waste

    • Lou

      Wow i guess you guys don’t see the bigger picture. It’s called building depth. Martin and gabbert may not even be on the opening day 53-Man. We have to many draft picks to keep them all and get them signed under the cap. so why not take a chance on players the can help bolster the roster or become trade chips. Pay attention and don’t jump off a bridge. We lose one defensive starter and whitner and gain another in bethea. Just as useful as whitner. We are not done yet. Brock and culliver will help anchor the secondary with Reid now laying the big hits. T. Brown and carlos rogers can be replaced althought i would like to have brown back, The front office knows what they are doing stay calm we will be fine #questforsix

  • mike

    if this was trent’s idea then he really needs to go. if it was harby’s, then maybe he’s thinking about going somewhere else and sticking it to the team.

    • cbreeze

      paranoia strikes deep… into your heart it will creep…check your self out dude…

  • Lawrence McKenzie

    are you sure your niner fans? so negitive.

  • 49erFaithful

    Everyone needs to calm down and think about last year. Goldson signed with another team last year and the defense was fine. Bethea if you research it is a much more diverse safety than Whitner. Martin will be a decent back up if he does indeed make the team. And I have faith in coach when it comes to QBs. Just look at what he did for Alex Smith. Have FAITH people!