Twitter Tuesday: Packers viewing the free agency frenzy from the sidelines


There is a LOT of money being thrown around in the early hours of free agency. But, as has been his staple since he took over, Ted Thompson and the Packers have been quiet thus far. Packer Nation is alive via Twitter for the likes of DeMarcus Ware to join the squad:


Some don’t think so:


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  • Morgan Mundane

    There is no way Ted T gets into free agency. I don’t know why Packer Fans don’t understand that. How many times do they not get. the Packers are broke. They have no deep pocket owners sitting around with money to blow. This is a public team and laws require them to remain solvent, not go in debt.
    Other teams can acquire talent, pay a big bonus, promiss the moon, the moon comes in four years and then dump the guy. Ted cannot and will not do that. Thus, he loses the game because he is not in the game.
    Our NFC North brothers are getting stronger and were putting 5,6,7 rounders from small colleges up against them. This year that stops working. The Pack do not make the playoffs. Ditto next year and the year after. Hey, do you really think the Lions, Bears and Vikes are standing pat, same old same old? If we win two games against any of the three I would be shocked.

  • Dynn Lickey

    Yes, the Packers must remain solvent. However, the Pack is nowhere near being broke. TT chooses to not delve into free agency, not because the team has no money, but because he and the organization believe that the draft is the best way to develop and maintain a team. The Packers has plenty of financial reserves and lots of cap room. If they want to sign free agents, they can and will. Truth is, they do not want to.