Another offensive lineman leaves the St. Louis Rams


Rams offensive line coach Paul Boudreau should be demanding a raise right now because the rest of the league apparently thinks the man is a miracle worker.

First, Rodger Saffold got a ludicrous contract yesterday. Now former Rams left guard Chris Williams has been lured away by the Buffalo Bills.

Good for Williams I guess, but my god, what are these teams thinking??

As I pointed out to my friend and Buffalo-area sports anchor Jonah Javad on Twitter, Williams ranked in the bottom 10 of all NFL guards last season according to Pro Football Focus. And if you aren’t one to put much stock in advanced stats, all you had to do was watch Rams games and see that Williams was the weak link among the Rams offensive line.

Now he’s getting $5.5 million in guaranteed money?

It’s a testament to Boudreau’s coaching acumen that he was able to squeeze out a few decent performances from Williams, but in general, it was clear that Williams was not up to snuff when it came to blocking against the elite defensive lineman who litter the NFC West.

We’ll see how Williams does in Buffalo. I bet you Sheldon Richardson, Vince Wilfork and the rest of the interior linemen of the AFC East are looking their chops though.

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