Baltimore Ravens needed an OT – Eugene Monroe needed a winning team

eugene monroe

Eugene Monroe may be the biggest and best move the Baltimore Ravens have and will make this offseason. Earlier today the Ravens finalized a deal with Eugene Monroe that will keep him in Baltimore for the next five seasons at $7.5 million per year.

That last part is the best part. About a week ago it was mostly reported that Monroe wanted upwards of $10 million annually and wasn’t too keen on budging from that number. The Ravens were willing to go as high as $8-9 million depending on who you talked to. So to ultimately snag one of better offensive tackles today at a reasonable price is a huge win for the organization.

Coming into this offseason the offensive tackle position was one of utmost importance. Even after this signing there is still the other side of the line that needs filled. Whether that is Michael Oher remains to be seen. It was important to get a deal done with Monroe as quickly as possible just so the rest of free agency can go on as planned without any major “what-ifs”.

Expect Baltimore to continue to make “conservative” moves. They still have some money to play with, but make no mistake; the Ravens have leverage when it comes to negotiations. This is a franchise guys want to play for. Owner Steve Bisciotti has built a franchise that has steady leadership, a track-record of winning, and an overall sense of pride that a player can’t get just anywhere.

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