Detroit Lions sign Seahawks top receiver for five years


In the biggest loss for the Seahawks team thus far this offseason, the Detroit Lions have nabbed wide receiver Golden Tate. According to a report in the Seattle Times, Detroit signed Tate to a five year deal, worth $31 million and $13.25 guaranteed.

Tate tweeted the news himself just moments ago:


The Lions were in desperate need of a second option at wide receiver after Calvin Johnson. As I wrote last month, Tate fit the bill perfectly for their needs.

Chatter on Twitter indicates that there may have been some tension in the locker room between Tate and other players. If more details come out I will post an update to this story. For now, I can’t honestly say that I am surprised.

A couple of incidents from the 2013 season stick out in my mind. First, the taunting touchdown against the Rams on Monday Night Football. It’s not a huge deal in the grand scheme of things but I alway thought it could be indicative of a me-first kind of attitude. Then there was the report that Tate called Brandon Browner and Walter Thurmond selfish when they were suspended when most of his teammates were being supportive.

This is just conjecture of course but my guess is that Tate didn’t mesh as well as Doug Baldwin and the other receivers, so he became expendable.

Many fans will be upset but my guess is that John Schneider and Pete Carroll had to decide between Tate and Baldwin. In a twitter poll I put out shortly after the Super bowl that asked which fans would rather keep, the overwhelming majority picked Baldwin, so the fans’ thinking seems to be in line with the organization.

That isn’t to say he won’t be missed – Tate led the Seahawks in receiving last season and could very well be a Pro Bowl receiver one day and his presence immediately boosts the Lions’ chances to end their drought in the NFC North.


A bunch of fans on Twitter are swearing and hurling insults at Tate for leaving. These include rips on Detroit’s crime rate, insinuations that he doesn’t care about winning, and good old fashioned f***k yous. You people need to chill out. This is a game and it’s a business and it was sort of inevitable the day we signed Percy.[Crown]-Keep-Calm-And-Percy-Harvon

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