Former Green Bay Packers safety ends up with Bears, fan rejoice


The Green Bay Packers have been relatively quiet in the early stages of free agency, but some good news came today with one free agent signing: Safety M.D. Jennings to the Chicago Bears.

Packer fans, who were happy to see the team cut ties with Jennings, should be even happier seeing him go to their division rival. The Bears have signed Jennings to a one-year deal. He will join incumbent Bears starter Chris Conte at the safety position for Chicago. The two should make a great pair as both have experience blowing coverage in critical situations.

Take a look back at the two most memorable moments of their careers so far.

First, Chris Conte.

Next up, M.D. Jennings.

Good riddance.

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  • Joseph Blowinski

    I’ve always wondered why MD Jennings got a pass on that travesty in Seattle. If he cared more about his team and his real job, namely pass defense 101, the Packers would’ve won. He was in perfect position to bat the ball away and no one could’ve stopped him from doing so. Instead, he tries for self glory and the meaningless interception and losses the game for his team by creating the circumstances for the Worst Call Ever. Glad to see a guy who puts himself before his team go.

    • Liam

      Couldn’t have said it better myself! I bet Rodgers is happy he can pick apart Jennings twice a year now.

    • Jordan

      How in the hell can you put that on Jennings? That was ENTIRELY the fault of the invalids in the striped shirts. Anyone with a working pair of eyeballs could see that call was a steaming load of BS. It’s so easy to be a spectator and be certain of the motives of the guys actually doing the work. Was it the best move to go for it? No, not necessarily. But in no way can you blame a clearly blown call, and the loss of that game on Jennings.