Kavell Conner visits San Diego today, should wind up a Charger


Former Indianapolis Colt, Kavell Conner, is scheduled to visit San Diego today. I watched Conner dominate in 2008 and 2009 at Clemson University and he has been nothing but a solid pro ever since. Signing Conner will not be a “sexy” move, but not unlike Donald Brown last night, Telesco is bolstering the depth on his roster. As an inside linebacker, the former Clemson Tiger had one of the more underrated seasons in the NFL during 2011 when the Colts were without Peyton Manning. He amassed over 100 tackles in his first year as a primary starter. 2011 was his only full year as a starter, and Conner will be the perfect backup behind Manti Te’o and Donald Butler. Both of these players have had injury issues so far in their careers, and the free agent from Indianapolis will ensure the talent is deep at the inside linebacker position.

The Indianpolis-Telesco connection is alive and well, and I expect him to sign yet another Colt within the next 24 hours. Kavell Conner should not leave San Diego without a deal, he just makes too much sense. It is clear Telesco is using free agency to build depth and will look to find his front line starters, yet again, through the draft.

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