Mailbag: Why won’t Green Bay spend when they have the money?


The Packers yet again sat idle through day one of free agency. What’s that all about? Ted Thompson has the 6th most cap room and still doesn’t make a splash?

–Jay from Chicago

You’re right, Jay. The Packers could have overpaid on day one, or they could let the market settle down and get players for what they’re actually worth. Leave the $40 million contracts to the bottom feeders and teams with short windows like the Broncos. Stay patient and trust that Ted Thompson will spend Green Bay’s money wisely

Demarcus Ware would have been a stud in the green and gold. I was sitting on my couch today, NFL Network on the tube, twitter feed on the Mac just waiting for at least an announcement that Green Bay would schedule a visit with him. What gives with them not even showing the slightest bit of interest, even if they had no intention of paying him the money he got from Denver?

–Mitch from Milwaukee

I too saw images of Matthews and Ware coming off opposite edges, bulldozing their way to Jay Cutler and forcing a fumble clinching the game for the Packers. The Packers and Ted Thompson simply refuse to overpay for 31 year olds with injury history and declining stats. Expressing interest with no real intent in signing would be a waste of everyone’s time, so let that go. By the way, Jared Allen is still available.

Is J.C. Tretter the Packers plan for the future at center? Thompson seems willing to let EDS leave without much of a fight. Is Tretter read for that responsibility?

–Tom from Eau Claire

The Packers seem to think exactly that, Tom. Tretter is their plan moving forward. There is still a lot of offseason yet to go, however, including free agency and the draft. Just two years ago they emphasized an importance at the center position signing veteran Jeff Saturday, so we know the Packers hold that position in high regard and understand its importance. We’ll see what’s in store.

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