Why Rodger Saffold was a good signing for the Raiders


While many fans are crying over Jared Veldheer and Lamarr Houston signing elsewhere, the Raiders signed a solid player of their own. For their first official signing of free agency, the Oakland Raiders snagged the former 33rd overall pick and St. Louis Rams offensive lineman Rodger Saffold.

According to Adam Schefter of ESPN, Saffold will sign a five-year deal with the Raiders. The contract is worth $42.5 million over five years with $21 million guaranteed. At first glance the numbers of the contract seem a little high for a player who has had some injuries.

Saffold’s Pro Football Focus grade at guard was 9.4. Which was good for 18th in the league. Saffold played in just 353 snaps at the guard position. By comparison, the guards around him with similar grades all played around 1,000 snaps or more.

In Saffold, the raiders get a versatile offensive lineman. Having a player who can play multiple positions is more valuable than a one dimensional player. The Raiders had a major need at guard. In fact a much bigger need at guard than tackle.

As with any player, the success of this contract will ultimately be determined by the health of Saffold. One thing that makes this deal a good move is his age. Saffold will only be 26 in June. The deal will expire when he is 30. As with most NFL contracts, odds are he will not play out his contract and will never sniff the total value of the deal. This means that the Raiders are paying for Saffold’s potential and versatility while while he is in his prime.

Overall this is a good, solid move. In the words of All-Pro fullback Marcel Reece “a Raider-ass move”. Reggie Mckenzie signed a player who wanted to be a Raider. That’s more than the players that fans wanted Reggie Mckenzie to sign/resign can say. Like it or not that’s reality. Welcome to The Raider Nation Rodger Saffold.

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  • Augie

    Key words: HE WANTED TO BE A RAIDER!!!

  • Jeff

    You’re an idiot. Veldheer is a better player for less money. Period.

  • Mike

    No Jeff – you, are the idiot – why if anyone disagrees with you are they an idiot – he gave ample reasons to support his argument – you gave none = true idiocy!