Could Denver Broncos add another high-profile free agent? WR rumor surfaces

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If the John Elway-led front office has taught us anything, it’s to never count the Denver Broncos out.

Or done.

Sure, Denver’s signed three new starters to their defense through two days of NFL Free Agency — T.J. Ward, Aqib Talib and DeMarcus Ware, wow — but to think they’re done would be foolish.

In fact, rumor has it, they’re in the market for a new No. 2 receiver since Eric Decker flew the coup to fly with the New York Jets.

Who exactly are the Broncos targeting? How about Steve Smith for another huge name?

Well, that’d be “pretty” awesome if you’re a Broncos fan.

Smith is a perennial Pro Bowler — attending five — and is one of the most explosive small receivers in the NFL.

That’s something of a problem, though, when the team already has one small receiver (Wes Welker). Those short guys — Smith and Welker are both only 5’9″ — give the defense a bit of an advantage since the average height of a defensive back is 5’10”. The point is, taller guys can dominate defenders because quarterbacks can throw the ball high and out of the corner’s reach.

But, being short has never stopped Smith or Welker — though Welker’s slot position allows him to find openings — and there’s no reason to think it would slow them down now.

Another few things about Smith that are red flags: he’s entering his 14th season and has a bit of an attitude problem.

Last year was his worst production-wise since 2010 (745 receiving yards and four scores), but a change of scenery and an amazing quarterback may remedy the down year. And since Decker left — the team’s biggest “diva” at WR, though not much of one (reality show) — Smith could find room for spotlight to find him.

If Denver does schedule a visit and then ultimately signs Smith, it will be another victory for Elway and the Broncos.

Imagine a Demaryius Thomas, Smith, Welker and Julius Thomas receiving corps. Just awe-inspiring.

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