Golden Tate says Seahawks tried to low-ball him


Yesterday when Golden Tate signed a five-year, $31 million contract with the Detroit Lions a lot of Seahawks fans got hopping angry. Some went so far as to curse at him on Twitter. Fans have been upset mainly by the fact that Tate stated back in February that he would take a home-team discount to stay with the Seahawks. A lot of people went too far in their criticism but now it looks like they may have a point.

Today more details are emerging about why Tate decided to take the Lions up on their offer. According to a report by Todd Dybas of the News Tribune, Tate feels that the Seahawks’ initial offer was low. Like, really, really low. In fact those are the exact words he used to describe it:

The Seahawks had made a “really, really, really low” offer 10 days ago, according to Tate, before upping the number significantly Wednesday while his agent negotiated with the Lions. At the Lions’ facility, Tate received what the Seahawks said was their final offer. He signed with Detroit.”

Tate’s main point of contention was with the guaranteed money portion of the proposed contract:

As a player in my situation, nothing is guaranteed,” Tate told the News Tribune. “You’re not guaranteed to play tomorrow, the next day or three years from now. A guarantee, in my mind, is all I really count as my salary. What I was going to get in the first (year with Detroit) was close to what (the Seahawks) were going to give me over a couple years, so I had to jump.”

As of right now the specific details of the initial offer from the Seahawks have not come to light. One rumor circulating on the internet said that Tate turned down $7 million a year from Seattle, which is of course ludicrous.

I have a theory: if Tate really was that insulted by their offer I doubt the Seahawks really wanted him back. This is almost pure conjecture on my part but I think it was likely an attitude issue: if you recall, he got into hot water for his taunting touchdown against the St. Louis Rams on Monday Night Football. Then there’s his wearing the Google Glass thing the entire week of the Super bowl. What kind of person gets completely lost in their own little digital world when he’s at the biggest media event on the planet? Tate also went out of his way to be critical of Brandon Browner and Walter Thurmond when they were suspended on the bye week, while the rest of the team was supportive.

Tate reportedly called the two corners “selfish.”

If you know anything about self-centered jerks, you know that they typically will accuse you of being whatever they are. If they call you a narcissist, they’re probably a narcissist. If they call you a pervert, then they’re a pervert.

I don’t know Tate personally obviously but based on the little interactions I can see it sounds like he may have a selfish streak. With a team that has such amazing chemistry like this one it’s best to just let a guy like that walk, no matter how talented he is.

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  • Mike

    While you do quantify your lack of personal interaction with Tate in the final paragraph, you do seem to make an awfully big leap in presuming that the Seahawks must not have wanted him back because of attitude issues.

    It totally makes sense what he said about guaranteed money. In a line of work where you could be injured and finished with your career in a heartbeat, it would make sense to look at the guaranteed money and not the yearly average over the course of a contract. An extra $3-4million guaranteed is a huge difference, especially when many players only get one real payday in their entire career. It’s easy for fans and sportswriters to speculate what players “ought” to do, but if jumping ship meant a guarantee we’d never have to work again in our lives after our playing days, we’d all do the same thing.

    • Tim Weaver

      It is definitely all speculation re: his attitude & I would have done the same as Tate in his situation. Not blaming him for taking the Lions money by any means.

  • Ray

    Tim Weaver, you sound a tad bitter…sour grapes perhaps? But you might have a point…as those who use drugs to unfair advantage, and get suspended from their team, hardly deserve to be called selfish. That seems so harsh. As Thumper’s mother said: “If you can’t say something nice about someone, then you shouldn’t say anything at all.” Maybe drug users should be treated more gently. Calling druggies selfish is just too cruel…inexcusably brutal. There should be no place for such meanness in the delicate world of modern society.