Meet newly signed Kansas City Chiefs offensive lineman Jeff Linkenbach


Earlier today, newly signed Kansas City Chiefs offensive lineman Jeff Linkenbach sat down with the media and discussed his role with the team.

For the most part, Linkenbach kept to the party line, giving the answers that most would expect him to give. With the structure of his contract, he likely understands that his spot on the 53-man roster is not a “sure thing” and he’ll have to work to make the team. However, one thing he said I found interesting was when asked if he’s a better guard or tackle.

“Honestly, I’ve played so much everywhere. I feel like it’s wherever I get the most reps during the week, I feel most comfortable at during that week. I’ve played all four guard and tackle positions and I feel comfortable pretty much anywhere. In college I was a tackle, but the past couple of years I played more guard. I have the long term experience at tackle but more recent experience at guard. I feel comfortable at both, so whatever need be.”

One could say that’s also toeing the line as well. But I sense a bit of honesty in his voice. Many, including ESPN’s Adam Teicher, have likened this signing to the Geoff Schwartz signing a year ago. That deal left more than a few people scratching their heads saying “who is Geoff Schwartz?” This feels a lot like that.

Still, it’s nice to know the Chiefs front office is bringing in some experience on the offensive line. When asked if Linkenbach saw himself as a starter or a mentor, he made it clear where he stood.

“You never know in this business how things are going to work out. I’m not here to replace anybody necessarily. I’m just here to compete. I’m looking for an opportunity to get whatever opportunity that is to make the team, to help the team in whatever way that happens. I’ve been around a while, but I’m still young enough to play for a long time but I’m old enough to be able to help some younger guys. This offensive line is one of the youngest in the league, so however I can help whoever whether that’s scouting or being the sixth or seventh guy like I said. I’m just looking forward to an opportunity to get in there with the guys (so they can) get to know me and I can get to know them.”

It’ll be interesting as the off season continues and OTA’s begin where the Chiefs’ newest lineman fits in. There is still a gaping hole on the right side of the offensive line. Will Linkenbach’s 6-foot-6-inch, 325-pound frame be able to fill it?

If the answer is yes, chalk up another win for John Dorsey.

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