Rodger Saffold apologizes to Oakland Raiders fans


The Oakland Raiders fan base has a tendency to support its players from the get go. So when word came out that the Raiders had signed offensive lineman Rodger Saffold from the St. Louis Rams, many in Raider Nation followed him on Twitter to show their love.

So after news came out that things would not work out in Oakland for Saffold, he took to Twitter to return the favor. In an incredibly classy move, Saffold apologized to Raiders fans for what they went through the past few days:

Before anyone asks, no I do not think he is apologizing because he did anything wrong during the process. He was simply being classy in returning the kindness that was shown him when it looked like he was going to be joining the Raiders.

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  • Masai_Raider43

    A man that has class and would have been a Proud Raider to look up to as a leader.