Washington Redskins, Bruce Allen disturb fans with their free agency moves


For the most part the Redskins have acted as mere observers during the free-agency frenzy of the last two days, signing one player that you may have heard of in Andre Roberts, and a few others that don’t exactly ring a bell. The team has also secured a few of its own players, starting with Brian Orakpo and Santana Moss.

New teammates Santana Moss and Andre Roberts seem to have sprung from a similar mold and forecast potential answers to the Redskins return game. With these two guys splitting slot duties, and Pierre Garcon holding down his position at wideout, there is still room for another outside receiver to compete for what is now Leonard Hankerson’s job to lose.

Bruce Allens choice to sit back and watch as things gradually unfold seems to be an indication that the team is content with some of its previous draft picks from recent seasons. As much could be gathered by the re-signing of Perry Riley as well as the patient approach to reviewing new players to bolster the secondary. The Redskins have underestimated their own pool of talent in the past by overzealously hoping to improve upon the likes of Ryan Clark, Chris Clemons and Antonio Pierce – players who were just beginning to hit their stride.

While it’s time that the Redskins organization sees a few of it’s hard earned draft picks through to the next level of their careers, Bruce Allen is up to much more. It’s one thing to support David Amerson’s future as a starting cornerback for the team, but it’s another thing to rest on players who cost a fraction of what Aqib Talib and other exorbitantly paid free-agents are taking from the the current market. The teams wise spending is also subtly competitive.

There is still some angst among the masses regarding this years unusually docile approach to free-agency; or so it appears. Anticipation is building for the Redskins to break the bank on someone, but high profile free-agents are vanishing too fast to meet with our old brand of dissolution.

New head coach Jay Gruden may have found his way onto a different kind of Redskins organization, a team that might be hard to recognize from it’s years of championing the off-season. Bruce Allen hasn’t tipped his hand yet, as the magnification on his upcoming draft strategy is sure to increase, but he’s helping Jay Gruden to get off to a reasonable start with a stable roster and flexibility going into the next few years. It’s strange how bewildering it all is.

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