Top 5 eye raising stories from NFL free agency


The NFL free agency frenzy began on Tuesday at 4:00pm EST with over 26 players moving teams or resigning within the first 90 minutes. While Bill Belichick historically takes the long view in free agency, other front offices have proven willing to dump salaries and make long-term deals as soon as the bell rings. While many signings were predictable and simply interesting due to contract structures, the unexpected has blindsided many analysts. Today cover32 looks at the questionable and unexpected moves that have taken place so far.

5. Blaine Gabbert to the Bay Area

With Chad Henne securing a 2-year/$8 million contract with the Jacksonville Jaguars, the writing was on the wall for Blaine Gabbert. A historically terrible quarterback, the career 5-22 Gabbert was expected to disappear as so many others have, until the 49ers traded their 6th round pick and possibly a conditional pick in 2015 to bring him in where Colt McCoy has struggled. While the deal was exceptional for Jacksonville who saved almost $4 million in cap room, you have to wonder why San Francisco went out of there way for Gabbert.

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