Michael Bennett shows phenomenal loyalty by re-signing with Seattle Seahawks


Michael Bennett has re-signed with the Seattle Seahawks for four years $28.5 million with $16 million guaranteed, and his re-signing speaks volumes for the Seahawks and the 12th Man.

A few days after the Super Bowl, Bennett addressed his future in the NFL. We heard Golden Tate say that he was willing to take a home town discount to remain in Seattle, but the same can’t be said for Bennett. He said he wouldn’t take a discount because “this isn’t Costco.” According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, two teams offered Bennett more money. Money isn’t everything, and Bennett is proving that theory to be right.

Among teams pursuing Bennett, the Chicago Bears were seen as the most likely team to land him. One reason for the Bears making a run at Bennett was that his brother was their tight end. Martellus really wanted to be on the same team with his brother, and I’m sure Michael wouldn’t have minded being on the same team with Martellus. Besides the money I was sure being on a team with Martellus would be the deciding factor in Michael going to Chicago, but I guess defending a championship and have great influence on players coming and going.

We all know the Seahawks have the best fans in football, and so does Michael Bennett. After signing his contract, Bennett tweeted the 12th Man was the biggest reason for coming back. Keep up the good work 12’s. Hopefully all the good vibes can keep around more key players in the future, and you know who they are.

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  • D C Saelens

    Great player and good sportsmanship. Love you guys. I can hardly wait for game time again.

  • shupe

    I am soooooo happy we still have Bennett. Guys like him are hard to replace. I will miss Red, and Tate, but Bennett was, really, the one we HAD to keep! PC and JS will work their magic and fill in the holes. I think we all believe this. A guy like Bennett makes the holes smaller and easier to fill!