Oakland Raiders GM Reggie McKenzie shows he has a plan


The start of the Oakland Raiders’ 2014 free-agency period has been interesting to say the least, and it is not even close to being over just yet. With $64 million in cap space, the assumption was that general manager Reggie Mckenzie would spend big, early and often.

With pressure mounting from the owner Mark Davis, fans are putting their Madden and fantasy skills to the test. Crying and critiquing every move Mckenzie makes, fans have to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. I’ve come up with four things that should make fans feel at ease about the Raiders free agency strategy. Listen up Raider Nation.

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  • mike

    You forgot to mention that he could have signed Jared Veldheer last year to a contract for much cheaper OR could have offered him something close to what he gave Saffold, the one arm Rams Tackle. Veldheer is a top 5 LT in the game. RM blew it. Then he give sMcFragile another contract. I have no faith in him anymore. He is way over his head.

    • alby bachenblach

      Seriously? A top 5 LT? If he was that good, he would still be a Raider or he would’ve gotten a lot more than what he signed for in AZ. Saffold would have been a better fit w/ Sparano plus hes more versatile, but I dont blame the Raiders for sending him back or for not offering Valdheer more $. And McFadden signed for $100K guaranteed. Low risk/high reward. All of RM moves have made a lot of sense if you look past the media BS.

    • Taylor N

      It was obvious that Veldheer didn’t wish to be a raider any longer. McFadden wanted to stay a Raider and that’s why he took a low as f*ck paycheck just to stay and try to help his team. We let veldheer walk because he wasn’t a raider and because i assume it was planned to bring in saffold and when saffold didn’t pass his physical, veldheer wasn’t even around to sign because he couldn’t wait to leave the organization.

  • mmp60

    Agreed alby, JV is not a top 5 OL, could he possibly become one? time wil tell. Couldn’t agree more with the rest of your post as well, people need to take a breath and let RM do his job.

  • Masai_Raider43

    RM is doing a fine job with the money and knowing what’s out there. JV like DMC had an opportunity to stay and help the team with a counter offer. He wanted to go. He only played about 6 games last year due to injury. As far as LH the DE is concerned, he wanted to go test the market and he also didn’t give the raiders time to make a counter offer. So, they had to go. Don’t be mad at RM for that. Just wait until the FA season is all over and the drafts have been picked to give an opinion. Business is business especially when it comes to FOOTBALL. When the season is ended and all is said and done, the news media BS would have been shown to be just that and the GAMES WOULD HAVE BEEN PLAYED TO SEE WHO DID WHAT TO BE CHAMPION. Then say that RM and DA did a poor job if the Raiders have not won more than 10 games. Fire them and start all over again.

  • universityofmars

    Just stumbled upon this site a few days ago while trying to get as much / up to date Raider news I could – it was refreshing to find comments (and an article) that has a clear focus on what the plan is so many sites are full of ” Raiders” fans that complain and moan, calling for heads – RM came into bloated contracts and cap hell and no draft picks,did the only wise thing – a total and I mean total purge and truly start again. First year, 3rd and fourth level players, upgraded somewhat last year with more draft and 1 year contracts to weed out. Now he is on to the next phase with wise spending on good solid, veterans, help build the locker room and looking for the second tier, team oriented players – we’ll be making allot more moves now. DA / coaching staff has done a capable job as well with what they have had to work with. Patience is a virtue and I too believe we are heading back steadily on our return to the top.