Raiders RB Kory Sheets spending off season working for trucking company


The Oakland Raiders have always had a reputation of being a blue collar team. From the fans to the field, this has always been the epitome of a working class franchise. And as it turns out, one of their most recent additions is literally a working class guy.

Former CFL Grey Cup MVP and new Raiders running back Kory Sheets is spending his off season in Canada working as a “swamper” for a Saskatchewan based trucking company. Thankfully Sheets explained what a “swamper” does because I had no clue:

I’m a swamper. What that basically means is I ride with a guy that drives a truck, and whenever he needs help loading and unloading pieces of the oil rigs I get out and help him. It’s great. I’m actually having a good time doing it. I get to see things I’ve never seen before and do things I’ve never done.

According to Sheets, he did not get a signing bonus so he had to find a temporary job to hold him over until reporting to the Raiders. He looked in the USA but after not finding anything, stuck around Saskatchewan with the job as a swamper.

But no worries Raider Nation, he is staying in shape:

I’ve got to squeeze in training, no matter if I do it late at night or early in the morning. That’s one thing I can’t skip. So even though I’m working almost all of the day and most of the morning, if I come home late I hit the gym or hit the treadmill. I’ve got to do something to make sure I stay in shape and am keeping my body right.

Sounds like the kind of hard working, no nonsense guy the Raiders need. Raiders fans may be pleasantly surprised by what the former CFL star could bring to the team in 2014.


Sheets retweeted a pretty great picture of him at the job with a fan/co-worker.

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