Should Andre Johnson be a Hall of Famer?


Andre Johnson is still producing at a high level even at 32. What I want to suggest is after his career ends will he have done enough to put himself into the Hall of Fame? What more does he need to do to ensure he will find himself in Canton one day?

The guy has always been a consistent receiver who makes all of the catches. I am going to throw some stats at you and you determine if he will be in Canton one day.

Every year in the league, except his rookie year, he has had a play for over 50 yards (seven of them being for TDs), and his rookie year his longest play was a measly 46 yard TD. Andre Johnson has historically made big plays. Big play makers make it to the HOF.

Andre Johnson excels at making longer catches, he has 172 catches for 20+ yards and his catches of 40+ is even more impressive with 42 in his career. There is no doubt he can stretch out plays and make the big catches down the field.

Andre Johnson has had seven season where he went over 1,000 yards and 3 seasons with at least 1,500 yards. He has averaged 1,151 yards per year so far in his career.

There is no doubt that he produces at a consistently high level. He averages 82.2 yards a game over the span of his career thus far, that is close to Calvin Johnson’s average of 88 yards per game.

The one stat that is possibly a blemish on Johnson’s impressive resume is that he has never had a single season with double digit touchdowns.

The closest he has come is nine touchdowns in 2009. Larry Fitzgerald has five seasons with 10 or more touchdowns and Calvin Johnson has four seasons with 10 or more, granted both of them had better quarterbacks for portions of their careers.

I don’t think this would hold him out of the HOF (Michael Irvin only got 10 touchdowns once in his career) but it is for sure the one downside to his stellar career.

Right now Andre Johnson has 927 receptions with 12,661 yards. That puts him at #17 on the all-time yards list.

If he has two more years like his last two years (average of the two is 1,502 yards per year) he will be ranked third all-time right between Randy Moss and Terrell Owens.

Andre Johnson will need to continue to play at a high level until the end of his career, If he can continue with his stellar play I don’t think there is much doubt that he will one day end up in Canton.

Texans Fans,  What do you think? Should Andre Johnson be in the Hall of Fame? Or are there weaknesses that are keeping him out? Share your opinion in the comment section,

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