Should Baltimore have said, “No,” to Art Modell?


Ravens Nation is a beautiful thing.  Something that Baltimore natives truly have adopted all their own and probably couldn’t live without.  Yet, those older Baltimore natives still remember the days of football that didn’t involve purple and black.  The Baltimore Colts had as rich a history as any franchise that played in the NFL, and their departure from Charm City in 1983 shocked the east coast.

In the years after, there was a void in the city as far as sports were concerned.  The Baltimore Stallions came and went with a pretty decent following.  But all this really underscored was the fact that there was a city that sorely missed having a football team to call their own.  There were cries from the rooftops for the NFL to return a franchise to Baltimore, and in 1996, Paul Tagliabue finally heard them.

But it was Art Modell who answered them.

In the 17 seasons that the Ravens have existed, this city has grown to adore the late Art Modell.  Not only did he bring football back to Baltimore, but he brought a brand of football that truly represented the city’s spirit.  Jonathan Ogden and Ray Lewis ushered in a blue-collar attitude, and the city and franchise haven’t looked back since.

However, should Baltimore — who had experienced the pain of losing a beloved team — have declined Modell’s attempts to move the Cleveland Browns to Baltimore out of respect for the Cleveland fan base?  Ravens fans will surely say no, however Carl Pfeiffer states his case in his top 10 events in NFL offseason history.


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  • RealBaltimore

    Say NO? Are you kidding? First, let’s look at NFL History. In the years after the colts (lower case on purpose) how many expansion teams were given to Baltimore – ZERO. Cities received teams after only a few years while Baltimore got nothing even after years of trying! Baltimore, sensitive to Cleveland’s sports history did not make claim to the team’s name which in itself shows the class of the Model’s and Baltimore. Finally, how many years after the team left did Cleveland have to wait? 3 years! How long did Baltimore have to wait? Over a decade! So to answer your question, Baltimore should not have said NO! In fact, the NFL should have said YES.

  • The Real Story

    “Baltimore, sensitive to Cleveland’s sports history did not make claim to the team’s name which in itself shows the class of the Model’s and Baltimore.”

    No RealBaltimore that’s the lie baltimore fans tell themselves so they don’t feel like hypocrites, and it is the lie Modell told so he didn’t look like the carpetbagger that he was. Modell had 3 years left on his lease in Cleveland and Cleveland filed a lawsuit to force him to honor that lease. He used the Browns name, color, and history as a bargaining chip to get out of his lease. You baltimore fans really need to come to grips with this and stop trying to change history. Modell’s move to baltimore was anything but class. Maybe Cleveland got another team so soon because they were 5th in the league in attendance, and Modell had no right to move a team still under lease in the 1st place. On the other hand, baltimore was last in the league in attendance and Irsay’s lease was up so he had the right to move where ever he wanted.