What does Pro Football Focus have to say about the Rodger Saffold re-signing?


Any of my regular readers know that I often cite Pro Football Focus in my analysis and previews of games, player performance and general musings.

While not a catch-all resource, PFF does provide a pretty good barometer of how valuable a player is – no matter the position – by charting every single play in every single game. Rather than rely solely on statistics, PFF attempts to provide a broader context to the NFL.

Yesterday, the website published their 2014 Free Agency Deal Grader, in which they graded all the big free agent deals so far on a scale of +2.0 (A move that is guaranteed to take your franchise to another level) to -2.0 (You’re bringing back Brett Favre?). No move warranted a grade at either extreme.

Newly re-signed Rams guard Rodger Saffold was the only Ram signing that was graded. The verdict? Not great, according to PFF. He registered a -0.5 (Did you really need to make that move?). Here’s what PFF had to say:

Making his second appearance in the deal grader this week Saffold is back in St Louis but still on the red side of our ledger. This is a better deal for the player Saffold is but still not a good one, it’s tackle money for a player who is better at guard and the Rams are overpaying for that versatility and uncertainty. A strong run blocker at guard this season (+5.8) Saffold is also a year removed from some solid play at left tackle (+8.6 overall) but this is simply too much money for a player who is yet to put together a full season of quality play at any or a combination of positions.

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