With Cam Thomas gone, Donald Butler wants Vince Wilfork


Nose tackle is the most important position in a 3-4 defense, and the best in the business at said position, is Vince Wilfork. The big daddy from the University of Miami (FL) has been disrupting offensive blocking schemes for the better part of a decade and has asked the New England Patriots for his release. Wilfork is scheduled to make over $11 million, but the Patriots apparently wanted the defensive leader to restructure. It appears as though the veteran nose tackle wants to test the open market and will likely receive an incentive-based deal. The Chargers don’t have a ton of money to offer him up front, but could put together a deal rewarding the All-Pro for excellent on-field play. One Charger — who just received a new contract — wants to see #75 in the powder blue and gold.

I don’t know if the Bolts can pay the cost, but Telesco should explore the idea, and I am sure he will. It may take the release of another player, but Wilfork could take the defense to a different planet.

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  • Rich G

    Can’t blame DButz, that line-up would be incredible. But signing Wilfork would keep San Diego strapped for cash and limit ability to go after other positions of need. I like the thought of a smaller contract with Paul Soliai or even Terrence Cody then go after a WR like James Jones or Emmanuel Sanders. With the exception of Luis Nix, there is not much depth at the NT position; much better at WR and CB, so draft would be nice avenue to stockpile talent. Wilfork would take this defense to another level though, would love to see it happen….

  • Arnie

    I would like to see him in Bolts as well. But’s easy to be generous with other peoples money. If Butler wants him here, tell him to pass the hat, starting with $5 mil of his own money. Currently Lissemore, Geathers, and Jerideau they are all under contract and leave the door open for Draft pick and some competition. Lissemore held up well and will benefit from more time in the Chargers System. Wilfork is just a short term expensive band-aid to a long term problem, that has not been addressed since the release of Jamal Williams.