Bills fans welcome Brandon Spikes, it's so easy not to mess this up


The moment I heard Brandon Spikes say he wasn’t interested in traveling too far outside the division I knew it was a good possibility he would sign with the Buffalo Bills. When a team decides to just get rid of you your natural reaction is to go to your most bitter competition, and the Patriots best divisional competition is without a doubt the Buffalo Bills.

Its the reason Bill Belichick has nothing but great things to say about our team every time we are about to face them, he knows that on any given day the Buffalo Bills can make them look like clowns regardless of how horrible of a record we have. The Patriots are our standard to beat and we play almost every game against them as if its a playoff game.

Now that we are taking their players I cant imagine the kind word Belichick will have to say about us before we play them. He has been known to damn near suck up to us in pre-game press conferences before, but this season he knows there is a man that he used to have and is now want to smash his precious quarterback.

I would at this time like to add that his quarterback is whiny and not the QB he used to be.

Welcome to Buffalo Brandon Spikes, we Bills fans are sure to show you a true home as long as you hit people. Hit Tom Brady hard as you like and you will become a local legend.

Welcome aboard a new and improved team Brandon Spikes, Bills Mafia is excited as hell about adding you to our defense. You are in some seriously good company with Williams, Dareus, Williams, Alonso, Williams, McKelvin, Williams and Williams.

With all seriousness though Brandon, you will find Buffalo is more of a home than you could possibly imagine after being a player in New England.  We live and bleed this team and we support you every step of the way as long as you put forth an honest effort. With your athletic skill set you are bound to be a local hero, all you have to do is put forth an honest effort.

That’s all us Bills fans ask for, an honest effort.

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