Could the Jacksonville Jaguars have already moved on from Justin Blackmon?


Early Saturday morning, the Florida Highway Patrol responded to the scene of a car accident on Interstate 295 in Jacksonville, Florida. As it turns out, the driver of the car was 24 year-old Jacksonville Jaguars wide receiver, Justin Blackmon.

Upon further investigating at the scene, it was determined that crash was not alcohol related, nor did Blackmon sustain any injuries.

What the report does say, is that Blackmon’s 2009 GMC Denali was traveling southbound on Interstate 295 when the right rear tire blew out, causing the car to collide into the guard rail.

According to Florida Times-Union beat writer, Ryan O’Halloran, when the team was contacted this morning about the crash, they had no idea of what had taken place. The interesting note in all of this, is the conversation that took place on social media later on in the morning–conversation that speculates the team may have moved on from the troubled wideout.

Both Chad Cushnir of First Coast News and Cole Pepper, a local sports media analyst, were aware of Blackmon being in the Jacksonville area recently.

Meanwhile, O’Halloran suggested that many were unaware of Blackmon being in Jacksonville.

The conversation continues, where O’Halloran confirms to Pepper that teammates didn’t infact know that Blackmon was in Jacksonville. As Pepper indicates and O’Halloran suggests, the team may have moved on from Blackmon.

Blackmon is still suspended indefinitely for violating the NFL’s substance abuse policy for a third time. He also remains under contract with the team so that if and when he’s re-instated, he’ll return to being a wide receiver with the Jaguars.

On the flip side, you have to wonder if the team has already decided to move on without him.

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  • Jonny C.

    The jaguars staff members and players dud not know he was in Jacksonville, because they are not allowed to contact him during his suspension. In addition David Caldwell did say he will be viewed as luxury, and that they do hope for his return. With that being said next time you might want to do your homework.

    • Grant Gunderson


      Players are allowed to have contact with Blackmon and a few have, only team officials aren’t allowed to be in contact with him.

      Yes, Dave said he is a luxury–but that was to the media. Behind closed doors, the team could very well have already made a decision on what they will do with him should he return. Any GM would say they want him back to avoid a media frenzy. I “dud” my homework, I believe it’s you who hasn’t.