Raiders Recap: McKenzie's plan, draft trade idea and Kory Sheets works for a trucking company?


The Oakland Raiders had one of the most noteworthy first weeks of free agency of anyone in the NFL. From signings, to voiding of signings, to angry Raiders fans, to ecstatic Raiders fans. Week one of free agency was a roller coaster and it was hard to catch everything. We all know who was signed, but see what you may have missed here.

–  New running back Kory Sheets is the definition of a blue collar player. Perfect for Raider Nation. (READ)

–  Reggie McKenzie’s plan finally starts to reveal itself. (READ)

–  Are the Carolina Panthers a potential trade partner in the draft? (READ)

– Rodger Saffold apologizes to Raiders fans. (READ)

– Is Mike Vick in the cards for the Raiders? Some thinks he should be. (READ)

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