Byrd fly's south


When Jairus Byrd signed the contract offered by the Saints I remember telling myself “it’s about time”. For too long now we have been guessing to as what he was going to do and I believe it put stress on the organization and their plans moving forward. This team is showing its going in a new direction and that seems to be going rather well. Also this team doesn’t want players that don’t want to be here or who are only interested in the money rather than than his brothers on the field.

Since being drafted by the Bills in 2009 Byrd played very well for this organization. Great vision with closing speed earned him being called a ball hawk had people taking notice of how good this guy could really be. He had nine interceptions in his rookie season and from there on it seemed all eyes would be on him moving forward. When his time finally came to an end here in Buffalo he made it to three pro bowls and has made it to various all-pro’s both 1st and 2nd teams.

Another thing I thought about when we all heard about his departure was if he could ever fall into that category of being a system guy? Sure he has all the talent in the world but what if he falls into that trap of being just another player on a team who is eventually hidden. Will it happen? Probably not, but could you imagine if it did with how much the Saints invested in him to be ‘the guy’. With a 6 year deal at $54 million and $28 million guaranteed it’s a big contract to give a guy that has had injury problems, has no playoff experience and has proven that he puts himself before his team.

As the draft comes and goes and the players hit the field I definitely will be watching this Saints team, but most importantly their defense. I sure hope the Saints continue to win games, but maybe not for that matter. Because if the Saints become a losing team then they will get the chance to see Byrds true colors. Then Saints fans can hear the “oh I’m injured” and watch him refuse to sign a contract (if it ever got to that point) for a team that invested so heavily in him. Byrd released a statement thanking the Bills for everything during his time here and that’s fine but what I would like to know is when that statement was written, because I’m pretty it was written at the end of the 2012 season.

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