Ben Tate “really wanted” to be in Cleveland all along


After the Cleveland Browns signed former Houston Texans running back Ben Tate, the 25 year-old let the world know that Cleveland was his intended destination all along. According to Tate:

In the grand scheme of things, I really wanted to be here.

He went on to compliment the offensive roster currently in place in Cleveland, saying,

I felt the pieces that were already here, offensive-line wise…I felt it was just going to be the best opportunity for me to help turn this thing around and take it to another level.”

It’s hard not to let Tate’s optimism about the direction of the Cleveland franchise be contagious. The Browns’ running game was pathetic in 2013, and Tate will undoubtedly improve it in 2014. Personally, I’m not sold until Cleveland picks up a good offensive lineman or two.

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