Matt Schaub trade would be walking on thin ice for Raiders


The Oakland Raiders are looking for a quarterback but need to be careful not to overreach in an overreaction to the need. In today’s NFL, quarterback is easily the most important position on a team. Because of that, teams are constantly drafting guys too high and paying guys too much in an effort to improve that position.

The Raiders were guilty of this just last season. When Carson Palmer refused to restructure his contract, thus forcing himself out of yet another team, Raiders general manager Reggie McKenzie overreacted to the hole it created and overpaid for Matt Flynn. Not only did the Raiders give up a draft pick, they ended up with a bigger cap hit in 2013 than if they had kept Palmer (but a much smaller hit this season).

Now, there are reports that the Raiders could trade for a quarterback for the second offseason in a row. There is an unconfirmed report that the Raiders are in talks with the Houston Texans for quarterback Matt Schaub, a guy most assume the Texans are going to cut if a trade cannot be worked out.

Likely, the Raiders believe they have a better shot at landing Schaub through a trade than free agency. There are a number of teams that Schaub could sign with and be the starter on day one and if the trade rumors are true, the Raiders want to take the choice out of his hands.

But unless the Raiders can make the trade for a late round pick, a six or a seven, AND they can get Schaub to take a pay cut, this very well could be a repeat of the Flynn mistake. Clearly Schaub is a MUCH better quarterback than Flynn, but he is not the long term answer and is not worth expending a large amount on.

If the Raiders cannot get a deal done with those parameters, general manager Reggie McKenzie will likely be blasted by fans and commentators alike. And likely with just cause. Schaub is a stop gap and the Raiders have far too many holes to give up a mid round pick or a significant chunk of cap space for a guy who may only be with the team for a couple of years and comes with as many questions as Schaub does.

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  • StevenC

    Matt Schaub in a trade? How depressing.

  • StevenC

    How depressing

  • Curt Picciuto

    If they indeed trade for Schaub, and it fails like the Flynn project, I would not be suprised if it became Reggie and DA’s ticket out of town. On the other hand, Schaub has had 4K yard seasons in 3 of the past 5 years. So maybe a change of landscape would be just what he needs to have a bounce back type year. If they decide to bring him in we may need to look into also bringing in a veteran reciever to help him out a little.

  • Kyle Ohhhhh

    Are you out of your mind??? Schaub???? The guy is no good, and can not handle the pressure. He showed that last year. The only reason he was a passable qb was AF (in his prime) as his running back. Hell I would rather have Vick than Schaub.

  • Curt Picciuto

    Vick?????? And I’m out of my mind????? He is the most injury prone, inconsistant QB avalible. Schaub is by far the best option out there. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want him either, but… we NEED a QB and he is the best stop gap we can get this year. He is by no means a long term option but might get us through this year better than Vick for sure!!!

  • Jay

    This is insane!!!! Life long Raider fan but also a realist. The AFC west is gonna be stacked again this yr. We are not there yet. We will be by the time the ponies have to face all the dead money coming their way in the ensuing yrs. so we need to be patient. I’m not sold on any of these qb’s in the draft nor do I want to see a trade made for someone who will prob end up on the scrap heap like schaub or sanchez. Not opposed to having them on the roster but def not worth a draft pick, even a late one. Take a gamble on Freeman!!!! He’s young. big arm and not to far removed from being the face of a franchise. Yes, he screwed the pooch last yr, but it’s not entirely his fault. Coach Schiano was a joke, bombed a team that shouldve been competitive. Freeman had no time in Minnesota, he gets a pass on that venture. Kid might just need some new scenery. Oak should sign him to a prove it deal short term, if he fails, send him packing and address qb situation next yr. High reward low risk situation. I honestly don’t think anyone else availble can provide any better and Freeman has waaaay more upside than vick or schaub. It’s a no brainer to me.

  • Anonymous

    I’d like to see Kyle Orton in silver and black. All he did was win or put his team in position to win only to be let down by the defense.

  • Curt Picciuto

    1. Orton is a bum, period. 2. I agree with you on Freeman. Schaub is gonna be very hit or miss, he will be really good or like we saw last year terrible. Kurt Warner just said if Schaub has his confidence back he is a top 15 QB In the league. Freeman back with Olsen is very intriguing. Freeman had his best years with Olsen. And he’s young. So if he can figure out how to turn it around that could be a good move.

  • felix

    To be honest i think vick would be a better QB for the raiders then anyone out there. He has the arm strangh and the accuracy that they need he just needs a good offensive line that will protect him i think he would do a great job

  • Ed

    If McFadden can stay healthy and we can bring in a Penn and some quality Guards who can open up some holes on the other side of the line of scrimmage circuit 2011/ 2010. RunDMC can gain 1500 yards and that would make Schaub a dangerous QB. Need to work on rebuilding that O-line and D front 7 for this team to compete. If we can add Rob Jackson and Alex Carrington on D and sign Penn at LT and add a couple of Guards watch out.