Three under the radar free agents who could be great, late adds for the Chargers


The Chargers have made nothing but minor moves so far this offseason causing some to question “the plan” to improve in 2014. When you look at the makeup of the AFC West, it is hard to see how the Chargers are going to get over the hump and contend with the Denver Broncos who have been extremely active yet again this offseason. Adding T.J. Ward, DeMarcus Ware, and Aqib Talib will make the Broncos defense stronger going into 2014. The team lost Eric Decker to the Jets but quickly replaced him with Emmanuel Sanders who they “stole” from the Kansas City Chiefs. The Chiefs have had an unfortunate offseason to go along with the Sanders debacle. Day one, the Chiefs saw four starters walk out the door and have yet to do much to stop the bleeding. The Raiders have overpaid for older players like Justin Tuck and LaMarr Woodley while they allowed Lamarr Houston to move on to the Midway. As of right now, the Broncos have won the free agency portion of the offseason in the AFC West. The Chargers, Chiefs, and Raiders will not be able to catch them, but we all know the winner of free agency rarely wins the Super Bowl.

The Chargers still have a few million in cap space and have brought in some solid depth players. As of now, I can only see Donald Brown and Brandon Ghee as players that will have an immediate impact for the Chargers in 2014. Kellen Clemens is a solid backup for Philip Rivers and is a valuable signee. But for a team that squeaked into the playoffs in week 17, I was hoping to see more impactful additions for the Chargers. However, next offseason will be much more telling when the team’s books open up a bit. With that said, there are still players on the open market that could help the Chargers moving forward.

The number of veteran corners on the market that could be excellent for the locker room and help mold a young defensive backfield that struggled in 2013 isn’t insignificant. Asante Samuel, now 33 years of age, has struggled with injuries over the past few seasons, but is still on the market and could be an affordable addition for the Chargers. Samuel’s best football is most likely behind him, but what he shown throughout his career is the ability to make the big play. Samuel’s ability to force turnovers is still an attractive trait and I believe he would be an outstanding add prior to entering the draft.

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  • Nico

    I believe TT is looking for younger talent in the draft. I did however think about Miles Austin if we can get him for league minimum and he can stay healthy. Chargers are being patient, and like you stated winning in free agency has nothing to do with how your team will perform as a unit. However, adding veteran depth to compete with our younger players will only make out team stronger and more competitive. I like your idea of signing these free agents. Only time will tell what the Chargers will do.

    • Ethan

      Tolesco is a great GM and had everything under control but a veteran presence is needed at corner especially if the Chargers plan to draft one in may and I fully expect them to do so. Another player that could be a nice fit is Carlos Rodgers as a nickel option

  • Anonymous

    I think chargers should sign Samuel and Carlos Rodgers