Green Bay Packers: Needs at DE?


With the addition of Julius Peppers and yesterday Letroy Guion from the Minnesota Vikings, Ted Thompson and the Packers have shown a dedication to improving the defense, especially the defensive line. Guion and Peppers are both veterans in this league, and both will add a leadership aspect that was really missing from the defensive line. Clay Matthews is certainly the leader of the defense, but much of the grit of the defense, how they fight in the trenches, seemed to be missing.

The addition of the new defensive lineman, as well as the old in B.J. Raji and Mike Neal also allows Dom Capers some options, they can switch from nickel to base 3-4 even to some 4-3 sets and allow pass rushing from many different positions. Rumors have given light to an idea that Peppers could play the new “elephant” position in Capers’ defense, specializing his role on the defense.

Thompson may look to add even more depth on the defensive line in the draft, or even through free agency. But looking at where the defense was just one month ago, and the personnel they now have, it’s safe to say there are murmurs of excitement throughout Packer Nation to see what this new group can do.

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