Twitter reacts to the Philadelphia Eagles bringing back Nate Allen


One of the more maligned players over the last few seasons, safety Nate Allen will be back in a Philadelphia Eagles uniform next year. That’s not as bad as people are making it out to be, though.

Allen struggled in his first three seasons, but he was used improperly and had to adjust to a new defensive coordinator every time. 2014 will be the first time in his career where he doesn’t have a different defensive coordinator, and that should bode well for his development.

He was graded a -2.7 by Pro Football Focus last year, but it was a far cry from the -13.6 he turned in in 2012. Allen’s career numbers are even practically identical to those of free agent Chris Clemons’, a safety option many fans called for the Eagles to sign.

Here’s a quick recap of some (negative) fan reaction on Twitter. I understand it a bit, but people need to cut Allen some slack and realize he did in fact improve last season. Trying to compare every safety to Brian Dawkins is extremely unfair.

At the very least, Allen will provide depth next year. With not having to be the best safety on the field, the addition of Malcolm Jenkins could even help elevate Allen’s play.

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