Why do the Miami Dolphins love Pat Devlin?


The Dolphins made a tender to Pat Devlin, Joe Philbin seems to be high on him and on hardknocks he was thought to be the next “Tony Romo”.  Unless his contract is matched he will be on the Dolphins roster for the second straight year (after two years on the practice squad.)

Devlin has made it through a coaching change and a general manager change, without playing a single snap. If the Dolphins had an older QB who may be on the way out, this would make more sense. Ryan Tannehill is actually the same age as Devlin, why have him in the team if they think Tannehill is the guy?

Devlin could even be the backup, but instead the Dolphins are spending $5.5 million in 2014 to keep Matt Moore on the roster. Moore has the 6th biggest cap hit on the Dolphins roster for 2014. The $5.5 million dollar cap hit is 20th out of 50 signed quarterbacks.

I don’t see why the Dolphins are using three roster spots and close to $10 million on the quarterback position. Starting a quarterback on a rookie contract is a luxury (if they are good),  for some reason the Dolphins still want to spend that money on the quarterback position while there are still other holes on the roster. Hopefully Philbin and Hickey have a plan for Delvin, and hopefully we are able to see that plan soon.

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    You know, we have our own questions. We look to you to ANSWER them in an article. Ask the Dolphins and get back to us please.