Golden Tate comes to Detroit with something to prove


Golden Tate comes in to this season with a chip on his shoulder. Tate should be happy, he just won a super bowl and at 25 years old, he just signed a $31 million contract with the Detroit Lions. Apparently, after being a second round pick, a two year starter and the NFL’s top punt returner, he felt that the Seattle Seahawks insulted him with their offer.

Detroit is tailor made for people with chips on the shoulders. The city is a running joke nationally for its financial standing, ruin porn and the auto industry collapse that was centered here. This is tough city, full or hard times, hard choices and brutal reality. Welcome to home Mr. Tate.

We enjoy when someone has something to prove because it is a daily part of every Detroiters life. While Tate is a rich man and couldn’t possibly relate to the majority of people in the world, there is a kindred spirit amongst underdogs here. We root for each other. So, thank you Seahawks, we hope the way he feels translates into an on field attitude. We really like that here.

The Lions are scrappy. Even with coach Jim Caldwell’s plan of cleaning up the supposed dirty play of his team, this team will play with grit. Gone is the hard hitting Louis Delmas, but, expect the same toughness you’ve seen out of Ndamukong Suh and Nick Fairley. Expect Dominic Raiola to still get under people’s skins, and hopefully still under their pads. Tate may just end up being another component of that. He has something to prove, and the Lions are prepared to give him every opportunity to do so.

Tate wanted badly to return to Seattle, but when the Lions stepped up to the plate an offered him a contract that will pay him in two years the same amount as Seattle offered him for five years, it was a no brainer. Make no mistake, in the terms of NFL world; Tate earned every penny the Lions are paying him. Even if he continues to do just what he did last year, he’ll be a worthy signing, but with the apparent disrespect Seattle showed him, you can expect even more.

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  • Julie

    I’m one 12 that is sad that Golden moved on from the Hawks. But one that understands that he did indeed earn the respect that Detroit has given him already. This young man is talented, and no doubt if Detroit send the ball is way Showtime Tate will give them 1k+ year receiving. Sad to see him go, but looks like we’ll be watching some Lions games to see Mr. Tate get the numbers we know he is capible of. Raw talent! Just wait Lion’s fands you are in for a treat. He’ll be your Golden Lion and steal your hearts wth his moves on the field. Go back and check out the Hawks vs. Rams, excuse me Tate vs. the Rams game from this past season. He was a one man show, like a Timex took a licking and kept on ticking. Go Tate! Show them what your made of.