Horseshoe mailbag


It is that time of the week again, time for our weekly mailbag where here at cover32 Colts we answer the fans questions. So let us not waste anytime and get right down to the questions.

Question 1- How soon do you see the Colts making their next FA splash?

The Colts started off strong last Tuesday when free agency began by signing Arthur Jones, Vontae Davis, and would later add Phil Costa and Hakeem Nicks. I still believe allowing Eric Decker to sign with the New York Jets was the right move.

So how soon should we expect Ryan Grigson and staff to sign someone else? It might be a while. With the recent Jim Irsay distractions, the team has been more concerned about the owners health than adding depth to the roster. Expect early next week for talks to resume about one more possible signing. Alex Mack’s agents still believe they can receive on offer on Mack that the Browns will not be able to match, and the Colts still have around $14 million in cap space.

Question 2- Is Alex Mack still in play for the Colts? 

Like I stated before, the Colts still have room to sign Mack, but it will cost a lot. Grigson has about $14 million left to work with in free agency, but some of that money will be saved to sign our young roster down the road. Remember Andrew Luck will get a huge payday, T.Y. Hilton, Colby Fleener, Dwayne Aleen, and maybe even Trent Richardson could all end up getting significant contracts. So the Colts need to keep that in mind when spending this year.

I still believe that Mack would be a perfect addition to the Colts roster and help anchor that line for the next six years. If he is still on the Colts radar we will know by as early as next week.

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