MAILBAG: Bears make a mistake with Henry Melton?


The Bears have lost a few key players on the defensive line over the last few days. Julius Peppers is in Green Bay and Henry Melton is now in Dallas. Melton headlines this week of questions in the mailbag.


Did the Bears make a huge mistake by letting Henry Melton go? -Anthony in River West 


Not really Anthony. They sit in a good spot in the first round of the draft to replace Melton with a better and cheaper player. For as good as he was, he just had too many questions marks to give him a ton of money and commit long term. It’s tough losing a player like him but the Bears made the right decision in the long run. Melton’s knee is still an issue, his legal battles are ongoing and he’s never given 100% effort on the field.


Why did Charles Tillman come back. Wasn’t he a shoe in for Tampa Bay? -Tammy in St. Louis

It sure looked like he was on the way out and a reunion with Lovie Smith sounded like a match made in heaven. The Bucs likely didn’t want to offer Tillman a ton of money considering they had just spent a large sum on corner Alteraun Verner. If Tillman was going to accept less money then it made sense for him to do so where he’s played his whole career. I know the Bears and their fans are happy to see him back.


Now that Josh McCown is gone, what’s going on with the backup quarterback situation? -Mike in Bridgeport

Well, the Bears will bring Jordan Palmer into camp as of now as the primary backup. They will likely take a strong look at players in the draft. Don’t be surprised if the Bears spend one of their two sixth round picks on a quarterback. Also, there are still some solid free agents on the market. A guy like Matt Fynn or Matt Hasselbeck could be called as it gets closer to the start of camp. Given how much the Bears have invested into Jay Cutler, they don’t want to spent too much more on a backup.

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