Mailbag: Grading the Buffalo Bills free agent signings


What are your grades for this past week’s Buffalo Bills Free Agent signings?

CB Corey Graham – (B) We again play the emotion card on the Buffalo area for strengthened support, signing a hometown product in Graham. I haven’t heard of Corey Graham prior to him signing with the Bills, and am not taking away from the positive energy he may provide. But, with all of the other high end free agent players on the market at the CB position, I question the choice.

LB Keith Rivers – (B+) With Manny Lawson having a great season in 2013, this addition adds strength at the LB position. This will now give Lawson the freedom to share time at LB and DE, ideally adding confusion to the opponents.

RB Anthony Dixon – (D+) Mr. Dixon, I am not taking away from your 6’1’’ 233lb frame that you offer the Buffalo Bills in 2014, but I don’t see why we signed a RB and not a WR, or saved up for a top market CB? With C.J. (the thriller) Spiller and Fred Jackson behind E.J., why did we need to pick up a short yardage runner? Why were we not publically and actively pursuing (WR) Decker, or (CB) Cromartie or any top market player? I know these players may not be a long term fit here in Buffalo, but they would at least steal attention from the younger players like E.J. and Aaron Williams and Robert Woods. This would also add an experienced teammate for the locker room discussions.

LB Brandon Spikes –(A-) I will always be the first person to pump my fist when we take a New England Patriot. Nothing is sweeter than taking a player from the Patriots system, think of all the knowledge! I think adding a veteran wide receiver would be more important that a LB, but I won’t ignore the stability Spikes brings to the middle of this Bills defense. Having already added Keith Rivers this offseason, and with Manny Lawson having the solid season he had, Spikes provides a lot of depth at the LB position. I hope they find a way to effectively utilize all of them.

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  • Mike

    I disagree with your grades on Graham and Dixon. I give CG an A-, the fact is he is a great fit for a man and zone mix scheme, and a great value for the Bills. To lock him up long term gives us 3 starting caliber CBs on the team.
    Dixon was a great value due to his great special teams play, and he’s also the change of pace back we need. As much as we want to pretend that Fred is a power back, we have 2 finesse runners on this team, but now have a guy we can be versatile with on short yardage and goal line… B+

  • brian

    rivers and spikes definitely shore up our linebacking corps especially our run defense which needed the help but graham is a steal i think for what he is making and dixon is just what our short yardage offense needs someone who can run through people and hold onto the ball we lost too many fumbles in those situations and came up short on others because we did not have the power runner !!!

  • Matt

    Don’t comment on signings if you have no idea who the player is. You clearly don’t know what your talking about with anything on here