Ranking the Minnesota Vikings free agency moves from 1-10!


Week one of free agency is in the books and it has been a whirlwind. The Vikings have been very active in the early stages and may not be done. Time will tell if these moves will make a difference, but here is my top 10 out of what they’ve done so far:

10. Re-signing Charlie Johnson
When I first saw that Charlie Johnson would be back, I was baffled. After further review it doesn’t seem like such a terrible move since all signs point to him being a backup. Johnson may be a pretty bad starter, but he is an adequate back up. Now the question is…who will start at left guard if it’s not Johnson?

9. Re-Signing Jerome Simpson
Drop…drop…amazing play! That is what you get with Jerome Simpson. Personally, I don’t see Spielman’s fascination with him, but they need depth at wide receiver and there are worse options out there. Zimmer is also familiar with him which could help. For the price he is not a bad 4th WR.

8. Restructuring Greenway, Felton and Jamarca Sandford
Cutting $2.25 million while keeping two former pro bowlers and a role player at a discounted rate is just good business.

7. Signing CB Derek Cox
This signing has Mike Zimmer written all over it. Last year Cox got a substantial contract and immensely underachieved to the point of being cut by San Diego. Zimmer has a history of reviving careers. Just look at Terrance Newman and Adam “Pacman” Jones. Signing him is low risk and could pay huge dividends. If nothing else, it adds depth to a position that desperately needs it.

6. Re-signing Everson Griffen
We all know the potential Griffen has, but he just got overpaid! This could potentially be the best move of the bunch, but there is a risk that comes with giving him $42.5 million over 5 years. That is almost as much as Michael Johnson got who is arguably a much better player than Griffen. That said, he is still only making half of what Jared Allen got last year.

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  • bill

    We will be drafting high next year. Why didn;t we even talk to Vick?

  • TT

    #1 move: not resigning that big mouth, stats starved clown, Jared Allen

  • Mich

    Cassel was “by far” our best QB last year? In what way? The only stat he beat Ponder in was TD passes, and Ponder RAN 4 in to almost even that out.

    Sorry John, but if you think Cassel was “by far” our best QB, you need to start watching the Cowboys. Because you are as delusional as Jones is.

    • John

      Hey Mich, “by far” may be an overstatement but if you go by wins and the eye test I don’t think you can argue that Cassel was the better QB.

  • SS

    Mich, if you can”t see Cassel is better than Ponder I would question your football knowledge. Ponder has a serious lack of pocket presence and that’s a really tough thing to teach.

  • Ttrigz182544

    Cassel was the better QB, the only thing I didn’t like about him is he has to many passes batted down at the line of scrimmage. As of now I would like to see us get Bortles, and Aaron Murray later. Cut Ponder or keep him till his contract ends after this season.Than keep Murray on the Practice Squad for a year.

  • cherny

    Sign Vick? Moron. I am glad they signed Cassell. He may not be the answer, but he is a serviceable veteran.

    The Vikes need to find a true shutdown corner….LB is still an issue, but they have some young talent that may step up.