Source says St. Louis Rams are “actively shopping their no. 2 pick”


The Rams have never exactly hidden their desire to trade the no. 2 pick in the draft.

But today, a report – if that’s what you can call a 140-character tweet – surfaced that says the Rams are “actively shopping their no. 2 pick.”

This isn’t a surprise, but it is noteworthy that the Rams are apparently so open about wanting to trade the pick rather than holding their cards a bit closer to their chest. Of course, general manager Les Snead was pretty open about his desire to trade the no. 2 pick in 2012 too, and that turned out just fine.

Which brings us to the real point here: The Rams’ potential bounty for the no. 2 pick will hinge entirely on the demand for the potential player available. Right now, it doesn’t appear that there’s an RGIII that will command the huge plunder awarded to the Rams in 2012 via the quarterback-starved Washington Redskins.

A lot can still change between now and the draft in early May, so stay tuned.

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