Washington Redskins best DE draft pick: Dexter Manley or Charles Mann?


Today we’re looking at the best defensive end the Washington Redskins have ever drafted. This one is a close race between two great players who were drafted only two years apart from each other; Dexter Manley in 1981, and Charles Mann in 1983. Both are ranked one and two as the Redskins all-time sack leaders. Manley with 91 sacks in eight years with the Skins, and Mann with 82 sacks in ten years with the team.

Each won two super bowls in their tenures with Washington, and both made pro bowls at least once. Now you see why this is such a close race between the two. But because of his pure dominance, freakish athletic ability, and insane talent; Manley gets the nod. Manley finished his career with an official 97.5 career sacks, but if you count the sacks in his rookie year (a year before they started counting sacks as a stat) he had 103.5 for his career. In 1986 he recorded a Redskins single season record 18.5 sacks. The guy was just a beast and is still a fan favorite for any fan who watched the Redskins of that era.

And we all remember Manley close lining and knocking Danny White out in that historic 1982 NFC Championship game, as the Skins beat Dallas (as we always do in meaningful games) to go to the Super Bowl. The guy was truly one of a kind. Lets hope the Skins can get back to drafting as well as they did when they drafted these two studs at defensive end.

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  • Rhonda

    Yes that when the Redskins were the Redskins who are these guys in the Redskins in the uniforms. I wish we could bring back the Hogs cause these players they have now play like crap on offense and defense.

  • Jerry

    This is a difficult choice, but I do favor Dexter Manley.