When will the Seahawks sign somebody already?!


Good morning, 12s. Welcome to our Wednesday mailbag where we answer your questions about all things NFL and Seahawks. Today we’ll be talking free agency: who left, who stayed, and when on earth the Seahawks are going to actually sign a player from another team?

Today’s first question comes from Ben in Washington:

Why hasn’t John Schneider signed anyone new yet? If feel like we’re getting left behind other more aggressive teams.

Hi Ben, this is a pretty common feeling out there as far as I can tell. We are a little over a week into free agency and there have been some major splashes from other contenders. The Patriots completely revamped their secondary by bringing on Darrell Revis and our own Brandon Browner, the Broncos spent $800 billion dollars to upgrade their defense, and a number of our beloved Super bowl champions have walked out the door. Golden Tate is gone, Walter Thurmond is gone, Red Bryant, Chris Clemons, Chris Maragos, the list continues to grow.

It’s normal to feel a bit concerned when you see your roster dwindling by the minute, but we need to be patient and have faith in Pete Carroll and John Schneider’s vision. The ‘Hawks were always going to be in very high demand so it’s not surprising that so many of them have been snapped up this early.

The most important thing for us to do this offseason is keep the core of the 2013 team together. By re-signing Michael Bennett, Zach Miller and Steven Hauschka, we’re on our way towards meeting that goal. The organization has to reward the guys that made this team what it is today before it considers bringing in new help, so I would be perfectly fine with us not signing a single significant player from another team before we get extensions for guys like Earl Thomas and Richard Sherman. It’s going to take some serious cutting and re-structuring to keep both guys long-term. That takes a lot of tough calls and hard negotiations, so as difficult as it is, the 12s need to bit their lip and hold on for a while longer. Rome wasn’t built in one day and neither was this Seahawks team. It’s only been eight days since the market opened and nobody is playing football for another five months.

That being said, I would love to see us bring in some fresh blood. With that let’s move on to our next inquiry.

Dave from Seattle:

Do you think the Seahawks sign Britt or any other WR/DL?

Not Kenny Britt. Good lord, anybody but Kenny Britt. If you look at the efficiency rankings for wide receivers in the NFL, you’ll find Mr. Britt at or near the bottom of most lists. We obviously do need some help at wide receiver with the departure of Mr. Laughable, but I don’t see us using free agency there. There are a hell of a lot of big, talented wide receivers in this year’s draft and they’re all going to be cheaper than the free agents out there. Kelvin Benjamin, Jordan Matthews, Moncrief, Martavis Bryant, Allen Robinson, it’s just absolutely stocked. There’s no need to go out and spend money with a draft like this.

Now on the D line I think you hit the mark. Seattle has been connected to rumors involving basically every defensive end out there so far, and that can’t be a coincidence. It’s clear the Seahawks are shopping for a big name to fill the holes left by Clemons and Bryant on the line. Jared Allen is probably the best DE that has yet to be signed, but it sounds like he’s asking for too much money for his age. However, Corey Wootton is still available, as are Anthony Spencer and Robert Ayers, so there’s no need to panic. My guess is by the end of this week we’ll have a veteran defensive end signed who will compliment our current guys well.

Keep the faith, 12s. Mr. Schneider is a genius.

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  • DRRL

    First, thanks–I think your analysis of the situation is spot on.
    Question for you, though. Does anyone have any updates on the status of Jesse Williams? It seems to me that the next disruptive-force DL is already sitting on the Seahawks roster. With a healthy Jordan Hill, it may be that the pressing needs are OL rather than DL.

  • Hawkman54

    O-line ( Guards was the biggest weakness from last year without question- But if they don’t either draft really well or pick up some help on the D line there could be trouble . I would have looked fro One FA O-linemen Guard and then draft two more ( 1 Guard , 1 tackle) plus two D- linemen in the draft !
    Go HAWKS !