Did any Detroit Lions quarterback warrant a spot in the March madness bracket?


It is the beginning of the NCAA basketball “March Madness” tournament time, and so with that in mind NFL.com whipped up a top 32 bracket of the greatest quarterbacks of all time.

I don’t think there’s any shock that no Detroit Lions quarterback made the cut. The Lions have a long, rich history of ineptness at the position and I don’t think anyone anticipated seeing Scott Mitchell or Eric Hipple listed amongst the best of all time(maybe they held out hope for Stoney Case.)

Maybe someday we’ll see Matthew Stafford on a list like this. Maybe. Until then, it’s still pretty fun, and we can at least look back at the NFL’s history and dream what it may have been like if we had been born elsewhere; in some place where winning and quarterback excellence exists. San Francisco? Green Bay? Dallas? Anywhere but here? Enjoy.


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