NFL’s bracket to decide “Greatest Quarterback of All-Time”


March Madness is upon us!

Which, for fans of the NFL, doesn’t mean much.

In today’s creative Top 5, our Chris Schmaedeke examined which Denver Broncos players would suit up and play hoops if they could.

And in another interesting twist, created a “Greatest Quarterback of All-Time” bracket, allowing fans to vote for the best (their favorite) quarterbacks.

It’s a 32-player bracket, with four “regionals” if you will.

Here’s how they break down:

The Right Now Bracket

1. Tom Brady vs. 8. Eli Manning
4. Drew Brees vs. 5. Ben Roethlisberger
3. Aaron Rodgers vs. 6. Philip Rivers
2. Peyton Manning vs. 7. Russell Wilson (ooh)

The Generation X Bracket

1. Brett Favre vs. 8. Rich Gannon
4. Kurt Warner vs. 5. Donovan McNabb
3. Steve Young vs. 6. Steve McNair
2. Troy Aikman vs. 7. Drew Bledsoe

The MTV Bracket

1. Joe Montana vs. 8. Boomer Esiason
4. Jim Kelly vs. 5. Warren Moon
2. Dan Marino vs. 7. Phil Simms
3. John Elway vs. 6. Dan Fouts

The Baby Boomer Bracket

1. Johnny Unitas vs. 8. Bob Griese
4. Roger Staubach vs. 5. Joe Namath
2. Terry Bradshaw vs. 7. Otto Graham
3. Bart Star vs. 6. Fran Tarkenton

To vote and find the entire list, click here.

Who do you think is the greatest of all-time?

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  • Phil Bowers

    Hey Pfeiff! Danny White and Tony Romo are left off the list for some reason. Go Notre Dame! Alan Pinkett running to daylight. BTW, did you live on the 1st floor of Lynch?