Oakland Raiders possible trade partner: Detroit Lions?


Earlier this month, I outlined a possible scenario (click here to read) where the Raiders could trade down with the Carolina Panthers. That scenario is not totally impossible and it would be great for the Raiders if they could swing it. They would stand to gain a lot of picks, but Carolina would stand to lose a lot too.

Another more likely trade would be with the Detroit Lions who hold the number 10 pick. The Raiders could trade down five spots and still fill one of their many team needs with a solid prospect. They have signed some good mentor type veterans for these guys who come at a fair value, do not tie up their salary cap for years and have plenty left in the tank.

The Lions could very well be interested in WR Sammy Watkins if he falls to the number five spot. He would be a perfect complement to WR Calvin Johnson and would make the Lions passing attack virtually unstoppable. There may also be other prospects that the Lions plan to target and don’t want to risk being off the board when they get on the clock.

Using the Draft Trade Value Chart, the 5th overall pick is worth 1700 points and the 10th is worth 1300. This makes a 400 point differential in favor of the Raiders. There are many options to make up the points in the trade. The Lions hold the 45th pick which is worth 450 points. This is a little unbalanced in favor of the Raiders, but it is not uncommon for teams to give up value points if they feel that the trade benefits them enough.

There is also the possibility that the Lions would give up a third round pick in the next 2 drafts. This would total 420 points. Any way you slice it, the trade would benefit both teams, especially if the Lions are interested in getting one of the top prospects in this draft. The Raiders need every pick they can get to go forward with their plan of rebuilding through the draft.

There are so many possibilities for trading down with the teams who are on the clock after the Raiders in the first round, that it would be virtually impossible to cover them all. A lot rides on who is available when the Raiders pick comes up, who is on the board, who the other teams are interested in for their first round pick and what they are willing to trade.

If any of the top prospects at any position are available at number 5 and the Raiders don’t want to draft him, there are a few teams with needs who may be willing to trade up to get him. If that is the case, the Raiders should take advantage of the additional picks they could get and make the trade.

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  • whyicanthavechknwings

    the lions just gave golden tate 31m so i doubt they feel the need to trade up for another WR…lions fans would be pissed, regardless of how talented watkins may be.

  • Cerberus

    If Sammy Watkins teamed with Megatron would make the Lions’ passing offense unstoppable, why wouldn’t the Raiders want him teamed up with Jones, Streater, Holmes and DMo?